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Blog Jun 01, 2019

I'm a Software Engineering student at Queen's University Belfast currently on Industrial Placement with Deloitte Digital UK.

This site outlines some of my experiences as well as some projects I have created and worked on in the past couple of years.

About me


I am currently attending university, studying towards a BEng degree in Software Engineering.

I attended Banbridge Academy for seven years between 2009 and 2016 and gained three A-Levels in Maths, Physics and Technology & Design (Electronics modules).

Professional Experience

During my time at university, I have had the opportunity to gain professional experience in industry, both as part of my degree pathway, and over the summer holidays.

  • May 2018 - Sept. 2018 : GCD Technologies, Lurgan
  • Sept. 2018 - Present : Deloitte Digital, Belfast/London


I have worked in industry mostly with these programming languages:

  • PHP
  • Python 3
  • Groovy

Some other languages I use frequently as part of my studies or in my spare time or side projects:

  • Java
  • JS
  • ... ?


As part of my time in Deloitte Digital, I have been upskilling in an operations role (you may know it as 'DevOps').

During this time, my focus has been less on software development (although I do get to develop tooling from time to time), and more focused on: container-based deployments and orchestration using Kubernetes; package/version management with Helm and automation/CI tools such as Jenkins.


Tools and services come and go, but these are some of my favourites at the moment that I have been doing a lot of work with:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Z-Shell + the oh-my-zsh plugin
  • GitLab CI
  • WordPress
  • GitKraken
  • Docker Swarm
  • Font Awesome

Favourite OS


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Christopher Wilkinson

21, Christian, Software Engineering Student at Queen's University Belfast.